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by Phil Farrell

I am a life-long resident of California. For nearly forty years, my passion has been to explore the wild places through hiking and backpacking, and then do what I can to help preserve them from exploitation and development. I have concentrated my travels in California but have visited other areas in the West. I am the "wild hiker" because I love the wilderness.

While my passion has been the wilderness, my hobby has been photography. I decided to combine the passion and the hobby to create this web site. I plan to post guides and photo tours based on my experiences.

I hope this site will help others get a glimpse of what I have experienced in nature's wilderness and plan their own adventures.

California's wilderness is under constant siege by exploitive and destructive forces. Much of this pressure is due to a growing population's resource demands, which need careful balancing. Sadly, there are also those who would selfishly ruin the public wild lands for their private profit or fun. If you value wild nature, I urge you to join an organization that works to preserve it. My favorite is the California Wilderness Coalition, an effective grass-roots organization that has been successfully preserving California's wilderness areas for thirty years.


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